Why Us

What differentiates us from other payment processors is simple:
We work for you.

Our Mission

The Good Team brings honesty, transparency, and empathy to the payment processing industry, brings good to the community, and provides business growth solutions with an immediate personal touch to small businesses and large corporations alike.

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What this means to you: 

  • We’ve been where you are. Having owned and operated our own business for seven years (from business plan to paying taxes), we understand what it is like to feel “nickled and dimed” to death. We also undestand how refreshing and delightful a transparent business relationship can be.
  • Remember the “Golden Rule,” from grade school? We feel that, if more folks operated on that principle, and we’d all be doing better. So, that is a foundational premise that guides how we treat our clients- in every interaction.
  • We believe in full-disclosure business: get everything out, up-front and go from there. We work to make the process easier to understand for the multi-tasking business owner.
  • We get it. We understand that, when you make money, we make money. So, we want to help you do that in any way we are able. Just ask!
  • We’ve partnered with the best in the industry: BluePay, Netcom, Intuit. With A+ ratings from the BBB, BluePay and Netcom are industry leaders that operate with integrity, and a 100-years combined leadership experience in the industry.

A Few Of Our Awesome Clients

Charleston Repeats is owned and operated by three local moms: Elizabeth Barnhill, Heather Gilbert, and Amy Walters. Born and raised in the Lowcountry, we love raising our children here.

Charleston Repeats
Charleston Repeats

Alicia Yarbrough is the Chef and President of Yummie Creations, Inc. Alicia was born and raised in Saluda, South Carolina and graduated from Saluda High School in 1990.

Yummie Creations
Yummie Creations

In 1997, Kelly Graybill started Tot Trade, a business that she has seen grow from 36 consignors to now over 1300 consignors! “And things continue to get better and better, growing season after season!”

Tot Trade- SC
Tot Trade- SC